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Hi, I am Barbara Paulson-Moore, and I am a full-time, professional Psychic Medium & Tarot Card Reader in Sumner IA. I work as a psychic medium, Tarot reader & energy healer for more than 40 years. I love what I do, bringing you predictions, insight & guidance through my psychic gifts, tarot readings and spirit communication readings.
I offer accurate, in-depth and direct readings on the questions that weigh heavey on your mind.
I currently work as a adviser for two leading National psychic lines and my personal practice since 2002. My readings are striaght to the point.

 How I Read

Spirit comes through me as a feeling and inner knowing I call “Spirit Frequency.” The assistance of Tarot is only a tool to trigger more in-depth detail. Your reading will be clear with a quick connection, in-depth detail, and compassionate honesty.

Most asked about questions are about

Love & Relationships, Career & Finances, Life Path & Life Decisions, Family, Dream Interpretation, Pets, Angel Messages, And Messages From Beyond.
My readings are delivered by Phone, Email, Zoom live & Zoom recorded and chat.

* Do to the pandemic I will not be offering person to person readings.

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